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We perform a number of procedures, including routine spays and neuters, laceration repairs, cystotomies, and limited orthopedic procedures.

Every anesthetic procedure includes pain medication, administered before and after surgery, as well as medication to go home. Each pet is evaluated prior to the procedure, ensuring the correct medications are chosen (based on age, breed and species).

We recommend each patient under going anesthesia should have laboratory work completed and IV fluids administered during anesthesia. Lab work prior to anesthesia will inform us of any abnormalities your pet may have, and allow us to change the anesthetic protocol, or cancel the procedure if needed. IV fluids help maintain your pets blood pressure, hydration, and provides access should an emergency occur.

Every patient will be monitored while under anesthesia for heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, ECG, and temperature.

Please arrive at the hospital for your pets procedure between 8-9am. Plan on staying for at least 15-20 minutes, allowing the veterinary technician to review questions with you about your pet before you leave. All pets should be held off food and water; please call the hospital to ask specific directions for your pet.

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